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Laos, Vietnam & Cambodia Spring 2007 - to gather images and documents for Khmerican Deportees in Phnom Penh and Survivors of UXO in Laos

View photos of Vietnam and Laos trips

Learn more about the U.S. Secret War in Laos and Legacy of the War
Learn more about Legacies of War - A Project on the Secret U.S. Bombings in Laos
Learn more about Khmerican Deportees

MOST RECENT TO LAST: more photos will be posted soon. 

ST. LUCIA - 2006: St. Lucia A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J,
CANADA - 2004, Puntos Cardinales - Jose Seoane and Sigi Torinus Art Opening @ Thames Art Gallery Chatham Cultural Center
PANAMA - 2003 Bocas del Toro (Nom, picking lime leaf for curry, enroute to cook, dinner @ starship dive shop, high surf, beach A, beach B, the rain, jump start, midday expedition...) Panama City, Isla Contadora
HONDURAS - 2001 & 2002 Porto Cortez, Omoa, Tela, Roatan (beach..)

CUBA - 2001, 1999, and 1997, Trinidad (back view1, back view2, biking, papaya on the beach, techno cave, sunset1, sunset2) Havana (mosaic, camel bus, malecon, hybrid beliefs, lada..,) Vinales (pineapple, tobacco, the climb, Chris LaRoche, megotes, climbers, Vinales road, biking to El Mural de la Prehistoria..,) Santiago enroute to Siboney, Casa de Tradicion, Santeria ritual A, Santeria ritual B, el grupo, downtown view, painting..,)

NICARAGUA - 2001 Grenada
BELIZE - 2001 Punta Gorda, Dangrega, Caye Caulker
GUATEMALA - 2000 & 2001 Quetzaltenango, Lago de Atitlan, Antigua, Punta Manibique
MEXICO - 2002, 1999 & 1997
TRINIDAD & TOBAGO - 2000 & 1998 Port of Spain, Tobago
JAMAICA - 2000
LAOS -1998 & 1993, Vientiane (boat race festival along Mekong, boat race...,) Luang Prabang (market, mekong, bathers, buddha cave, village, hilltop1, hilltop2..,)
THAILAND (SIAM) - 1998 & 1993 Bangkok (Pot PongA, Pot PongB, inside Wat Phra Keo, view of Wat from park..,) Koh Samui (beach, palms, fishermen...,)
CHINA - 1993 Beijing (TianamenA, TianamenB, McDonald, Summer PalaceA, Summer PalaceB, traffic controller, Santa Bunny, Forbidden City, Li Laoshi, Culture Street,  Temple of Heaven, Mount Taishan A, Taishan B, Bei Dai He..,)
OTHERS: New Jersey - July 2003, Peter's Valley Craft Education Center in Layton, New Jersey. PHOTOS were taken during "Lost Wax Bronze Casting" workshop taught by Cuban American artist, Mauricio Trenard. Pictured: Eli Anthony and Youme Landown.

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